Therapy, Counseling, Psychotherapy are all words used to describe the type of support I provide. 

With over a decade of experience providing confidential therapy, I aim to assist in your exploration, processing, and development of greater understandings of the barriers to your success and thriving. I deeply believe in the strengths and resources we all possess. I practice from an affirming, strengths based framework, taking into account your unique experiences, identities, needs, strengths and goals.

Through our collaborative, nurturing relationship, I hope you can learn to manage the stresses of life, and find what you need to live a whole, full, and authentic life. I believe in the power of a solid, therapeutic relationship and therefore, strive to create safe, supportive, judgement-free environments that promote self-care and authentic self-expression.

My approach to therapy can be best described as interpersonal and emotion-focused with intentional attention paid to your unique circumstances and multicultural identity variables. I have also been trained in and use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to support sustainable behavior change.